How to Clean a Driveway

Driveways are often neglected features of properties that need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Clean driveways give home exteriors an inviting look while dirty and unkempt driveways make properties appear uncared for.

Driveways can become dirty from accumulated dirt, road salt and vehicle fluids.

The longer stains remain on your driveway surface the more difficult it is to remove them.

Driveway cleaning imageThis means that regularly cleaning your driveway helps preserve its appealing look and make it longer lasting.

Concrete, tarmac, brick and stone driveway surfaces can be cleaned using few basic items:

Things that you need:

a) Broom
b) Long handle scrub brush
c) Liquid soap
d) Two plastic buckets
e) Garden hose/ hosepipe
f) Spray nozzle

How to clean your driveway

1. First and foremost sweep your driveway with the broom to remove branches, leaves and debris

2. Spray water from the hosepipe to all vegetation (i.e. plants, shrubs and grass) that surround your driveway to protect them from runoff.

3. Screw the spray nozzle into the hosepipe then spray water to the driveway to remove dirt and make the surface wet.

4. Add two table spoons liquid soap into two gallons of warm water in a clean plastic bucket. Mix the solution thoroughly.

5. Fill the other plastic bucket with clean warm water. The water will be used to rinse the long handled scrub brush.

6. Dip the long handled scrubbing brush in the warm soapy water that you prepared earlier. Scrub a five foot square section of your driveway surface with the soapy scrubbing brush. Regularly rinse the long handled scrub brush in warm water so as to avoid re-applying dirt to your driveway.

7. Spray each scrubbed section of your driveway with water from the hosepipe to wash away grime/ dirt and the soapy water.

8. Use the same process to clean the remaining sections of your driveway. Refill both buckets with fresh dish soap solution and rinsing water as required.

9. Spray clean water from the hosepipe to the entire driveway to remove any soap and dirt that is remaining. Leave the driveway to air-dry for sometime.

Tips and warnings for driveway cleaning

1. You can substitute the soapy solution with a commercial driveway cleaner. Use a commercial cleaner that is specifically designed for your driveway surface for good results. Strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. To remove oil stains from a driveway, sprinkle baking soda or crush cat litter directly into the stain and leave it for sometime to absorb. Wash the oil stain with a liquid detergent and scrub brush. Rinse with clean water and let the driveway dry.

3. Do not use wire brushes to scrub driveways because they can damage the surface.

4. Always use warm water to clean your driveways because they are more effective in removing dirt than cold water.

Driveways are a very important aspect of the house because they are the first things to be noticed by even casual observers.

To create a good impression about your home and make your home exterior look appealing clean your drive way regularly. The task may appear daunting but it is worthwhile.

And if all that seems too daunting, you can hire a professional driveway cleaner to do the work for you.

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