5 Steps for Overgrown Garden Clearance

Have you been putting off tending to your garden for a some time now or have you just relocated to a home with a neglected garden?

Although you actually know how overgrown it is, you also know that you that you have no idea to go about clearing it when you finally decide to clear it.

Clearing your garden is easy and it takes a few simple steps to get your garden looking clear all over again in less time than you actually expect:

Overgrown garden clearance imageFollow these simple steps to clear your overgrown garden:

1. Slash off the growth at the very top of the garden and clear it off the area. A slasher or cutter will serve this purpose effectively. You might want to use a scythe or trimmer to trim off particularly large overgrowth.

2. You’ll need a lawn mower for this step. Before using the mower to cut off the remaining overgrowth, make sure to properly clear the area after step one above, preferably with a rake, at it will stop your lawnmower from getting stuck as it cuts closer to the ground. A rotary mower does this perfectly but a Flymo style mower may be easier if your garden has been neglected for some time.

3. Dig out the remaining vegetation after cutting with the lawnmower as low as possible to the ground, making sure to churn up the soil, chop and dig out the overgrowth from beneath their roots. A rotavator comes handy in churning up the soil – you can rent these locally.

4. After churning up soil and digging up the roots you you will need to rake up and clear them from the area before proceeding to the next step. Otherwise, this will just grow back later if left in the soil. This step has to be done thoroughly so that only soil that’s free of pieces of roots and vegetation is left in the garden

5. Finally, clear the small remaining roots bits and pieces of vegetation by hand to bring the soil to a rough evenness.

Or use these simple steps to chemically clear your overgrown garden:

1. When using chemicals, the first thing is to thoroughly read the manufacturers instructions on all chemicals to be used before using them. Make sure to wear protective clothes and to take protective measures as instructed.

2. Obtain and carefully spray the whole area with a weedkiller. Aim for an even application of the weedkiller in the whole garden. Leave it an appropriate time as per the manufacturers instruction. This allows the chemical to take proper effect.

3. Once the time is up, thoroughly chop off the topmost overgrowth in the area with a slasher.

4. Spray the weedkiller so that it spreads easily. This is particularly important where there is a lot of overgrowth which would otherwise prevent the weedkiller from being effective.

5. Finally, take out the dead or slashed off vegetation and put it in the appropriate recycling bin.

Always remember to take precautions when using chemicals to clear your overgrown garden.

In most cases, overgrown garden clearance is best done mechanically without using many chemicals.

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